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Limbu culture dress 9Singer Rukman Limbu has brought latest music video for music lover. “Hakpare Palam Khyaali” is the title of the song which was released in ceremony and inaugurated by lyricist Surendra Rana with other personalities. Rubusha Creative Works and Tehrathume Dhaka Shop have sponsored the event. Various artist and other guests were wearing Dhaka attire at the event. Hakpare Palam Khyaali song is based on Limbu culture. This music video is directed by Yugal Pomu. Artist Nisha Pomu and Hemraj Onchhngbu have acted on the video. In video we could get to see Limbu art, culture and tradition. This video is not available on you tube recently. It will be available on you tube only after broadcasting on Television channels.Limbu culture dress
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