Newest video by “The Cartoonz Crew”


npl-dance2The Cartoonz Crew is a Nepali B-Boying dance crew from Kathmandu. They were initially formed by members Beest, Pwale, Hulk, Sky, Virzil, Spidey, Spike and Bat. They have done so many stage performances and now they are back again with their newest video “Nepal Can Dance 2014”.  The dance is choreographed by Beest and Pwale while Son.J and Beest have done the camera work.  The dance is performed by Sky, Sabrina, Beest, Pwale, Virzil, Spidey, Bat, Ray, Hulk, Spike at Bhatbhateni Supermarket , Chakrapath, Parking Lot.npl-dancer1