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Senoir Arist Laxmi Giri


Senoir Arist Laxmi Giri started her career in acting through stage drama. She was born in Deupatan Kathmandu at 6th of Magh, 2011.  She got an opportunity to act in TV serial “April first” for the first time around 2036 B.C. Then she made her breakthrough Nepali movie Bhumari in 2045 B.C. Giri has worked in more than 100 films. Kanyadan, Prempinda, Simarekha, Balidan, Ta ta sahrai bigris ni Badri, Darpan chhaya, Jhola are some of her notable films among others. She had worked in many more TV serials ‘Tito Satya’ is one of her latest TV serial.Laxmi Giri Laxmi Giri1 Laxmi Giri2 Laxmi Giri3 Laxmi Giri4

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