Exhibition of journalist turned painter at Mandala Theater was previewed. Artist Lillah Raj Khatiwada has started his spiritual journey at 1997. 17 year ago he quit journalism and joined Vipassana retreat at Shivpuri hill for spiritual peace.
Lillah art
Psychiatrists diagnosed that he had disease called Paranoia. Lillah denied it and kept meditating and started to visit many retreat centers of India and Nepal to find peace of mind then he overcome his disease. During this period of time he painted colors in canvas which was his passion from the beginning. In his painting we could see spiritual thoughts and experiences.

Lillah art3
According to Lillah most of his paintings themes were jotted at the Psychiatric wards or during midnight at home and on street alike.

Lillah artLillah art1

Lillah art4

Lillah art2

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