Take a look! a look at yourself!


Remember when YOU were new to this world? And you had no idea about YOU and YOUR life? Then some people were there… People who taught YOU to be the person YOU are today? Who hold your hand when you couldn’t stand properly ? Who gave their all, just to raise YOU…People who sacrificed their happiness for one smile on YOUR face? One who stayed up late when YOU were ill? One who worked late night just to fulfill YOUR needs? People who never got chance to dream for themselves yet wanted their children to reach the top? People who loved you by all their heart and YOU made it unseen? YOU know who these people are? Your MOM and DAD! Yes your parents! You meet various people in your life but none will give YOU the priority as YOUR PARENTS do. Nobody’s love is as purest as theirs.


WE all are growing up but what about our parents? Aren’t they growing old too? When you needed care and love they were there by time and now are you there when they are in need of your love and care? Posting a status on face book or sending a thousand mails aren’t enough to repay their affection towards you. What they want is just a little time to share, just a small compliment to them, Or being thankful to them for all they have done for you … could just lighten up their life.
Just look at yourself! What if they weren’t there to hold you back then? They spent their entire life trying to shape your career; trying to lead you and asked nothing in return…Can’t you return them anything? Can’t u show them how much you love them? Can’t you hold their hand when the are weak ? Your valuable time, love and care, that is all they‘ll ever ask for. Do take care of your parents as much as you can. Give your shoulder and warm hand to hold them when they tremble.collage

Remember one day you will regret for all your deeds and they won’t be here long enough to forgive you and make you smile and that one day you will be all alone regretting “look at me now ! I m a successful person I have everything I want, yet I’m lonely… Wish! I had done all this before…. I’M sorry for all my mistakes mom and dad. ” and no one to listen in a silent bay YOU’LL be there crying all alone……………….now hold your breath, close your eyes and take a look! A look at yourself, a look at your parents. If YOU are proud of who you are TODAY.

Pictures & acticle by Manisha Shrestha