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Arko Artha Nalagema is being played ta Mandala Theatre in Anamnagar. This drama tells us about the experience each commoner like us has to face in everyday life. Drama has three parts society, pandemic and politics they are divided into 10 different parts but each part portrays a story of different commoner. It tells a pain of commoner how one has to face difficulties in minor things in their daily life. Various stories collected and coordinated in one drama by veteran artist Sunil Pokhrel. 10 different directors have directed the drama very carefully. The directors are Nita Rai, Nabinchandra Aryal, Suraj Tamu, Chandra Nepali, Raj Neupane, Jayram Dhakal, Akil Bajgai, AArjesh Regmi, Sanjip Yogi and Nishansha Pokhrel. Actors on stage are Sabbu Gurung, Suraj Tamu, Sangit Sapkota, Mohan Rai, Debisha Lamichhane, Sabin Bhattarai, Chandra Nepali, Nita Rai and other. These dramas will on stage till Chaitra 7 at 5:30pm, there will be no shows on Mondays. There will be extra shows on Saturdays at 1 am.

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