Barju Group Tansen to Gandruk Trip



Obhaso Shakya

An association, formed as a unification of a group of young adventure seekers with similar ideology to promote internal tourism in Nepal, best defines the BARJU GROUP.

Spreading the news of Buddha as a light of Asia who was born in Nepal, the group has been active in once in a year tour, and GHANDRUK TOUR was a part of the similar tour.

A group of 16 members travelled for about 3 days, learning most out of the trip. Adventure was the primary motive but there were plenty to fill the cup at the end of it. Ghandruk is a charming little Gurung village, which treated us very well in terms of hospitality and soothed our eyes with some breath taking views of Machhapuchre and Annapurna. The mixture of 600km bike riding with 2 hours of hike was a pure thrill and the highlight of the trip.

It was a great opportunity to share a quality time with the members as well as to explore the hidden beauty of nature.

Finally I would like all the readers to promote internal tourism of Nepal as far as possible. There is a lot that our country can offers, just a bit of your support can mean a lot.

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