Few breath taking view of Gorkha


Early morning at 4 am I was climbing up to hill from my birth place Jarang, Gorkha. After reaching higher place I saw a very beautiful view, moon was almost about to set from Siranchok Hill, cloud covering Daraudi River on its base then I took my camera out from my bag without wasting a second. I was extremely excited and happy to see a view like this. After a while, before the sun rise I saw another breath taking view of Mt. Manaslu. Mt. Manaslu looks so refreshing it looks like it just wake up after a long sleep. After walking couple of hour I reached to Deurali, then we took local bus from there to Grokha municipality. Very attractive views were seen from the window of bus I was very excited to take off from bus and click few pictures of cloud covering hill. Then after a few bumpy ride bus stopped at Thute Pipal, Ghyampesal and I ran to take pictures of those breath taking view.breathtakingviewofGorkha