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Garbha Chhita is social tradition at Karnali in western Nepal, where parents decides marriage of unborn child. This kind tradition have destroyed many lives. Writer Hira BIjuli Nepali have wrote a story over this ritual GARBHA CHHITA and transformed it into drama. In this story Pampa and Mansur are engaged to each other as per the tradition GARBHA CHHITA before they were born. But Pampa is in love with her house hold helper.  To know what happens next you will have to watch drama, which is currently staging at Mandala Theater in Anamnagar.  This drama will be showing at 5:30 pm everyday excepts on Mondays and there will be extra shows on Saturdays at 1 pm till 3rd of Chaitra. Artist Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Govindra Sunar, Ganesh Bdr. Khadka, Raj Malla, Hira Bijuli Nepali, Jashulli Nepali, Govinda Sunar, Shushila Rawal have worked in the drama.

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