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The recently concluded training program for Asian delegates was held with the support of NORCODE (Norwegian Copyright Development Association) with the support of IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry), CISAC (International Confederation of Authors and Composers) and IFRRO (International Federation of Reproductive Rights Organizations).

Delegates from India, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam participated in the 10 days workshop conducted by copyright expert Ms.Tarja Koskinen-Olsson of Finland. “All the delegates and trainers from global industry organization listed above were impressed with the strategy taken by the Copyright Societies in Nepal precisely the collective music licensing model which could be replicated in other parts of the world.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Inger Dirdal, NORCODE said, “It has been very exciting to follow the development in the copyright field here in Nepal over the last years and to see the tremendous achievements that have been made by the Nepalese right holders. The participants have been inspired to head about Nepalese achievements.”

The chief trainer Ms. Tarja commented “The choice of Kathmandu as the venue of the first training was perfect. The newly adopted joint licensing mode for music in Nepal showed a good example and which was highly appreciated.”

KT Ang, the Regional Director of IFPI wholeheartedly supported the positive development in Nepal, said “There have been tremendous positive developments in Nepal since my last visit. The voluntary joint licensing model agreed to by all parties will result in good collections being achieved by the collective management organisation, especially with the support of the government, IFPI looks forward to working with the government and Nepalese music industry organisations to grow the music market in this country.”

Mr. Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères of IFRRO expressed his delight on the synergy between government to the CMOs and expressed hope that a reprographic CMO will soon be established in Nepal. He said, “I was very impressed by the efficiency, dynamics and professionalism of the collective management organisations in Nepal. Their contribution to Nepal’s culture is essential, and I am very excited by the prospect of a collective management organisation for text and image authors and publishers to be soon set up. Benefits from the experience of their music colleagues will be crucial to the success of this project, as well as support from government, and IFRRO will be there at every step to help and assist and we will soon be back to celebrate the creation of this new society for Nepalese writers, journalists, visual authors and publishers!”

Mr.RajatKakar, the CEO of PPL (sound recording CMO in India) said, “It is a pleasure to see the cooperative nature of copyright management in Nepal and is a role model for other South Asian countries. We are longing to collaborate with the Nepali CMO to monetise the rights of both our numbers in the two countries which share a very special cultural bond.

The seminar concluded with a special cultural programme which was attended by government officials and the celebrities, including authors / composers and performers.

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