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Story of  a tattoo man Rajeev lama

Written by jharana gurung
Written by jharana gurung

Journey of tattoo till today is not easy for Rajeev Lama. He has faced lots of ups and down in between. Being tattooed and holing needles and ink to ink others wasn’t taken lightly the way it’s done today at those days when he started. It’s not vivid in his memory pages the day he started to ink others since he used to make own home made machines and inked his own circles. As there’s a saying ‘hard work leads to success’ here I am said  RAjeev. Rajeev  own his renowned tattoo studio ‘URGEN TATOO’ at Thamel.

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He opened tattoo studio at 2008 ad It was possible only because of the help of his own family members and friends to whom he is very thankful. According to Rajeev though he is in well recognizing position today but  he still think that he need to learn lots of things and  it’s a long way to go. Till today he has participated in different national and international tattoo conventions which were held in Nepal.

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On 2014’s international tattoo convention Rajeev participated in body suspension. He suspended in the air for 10 minutes with four hooks pierced in his abdominal region. RESIRRECTION was the type of suspension he did. Which means rising from death. According to Rajeev the pain didn’t matter to him all he wanted was to defeat pain and experience different thing and he did that.

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