A first Japanese feature film which will be premired in Nepal


A Japanese feature film is going premiere very soon with Nepalese subtitles. ‘Himawari’ is the film which is translated in Nepalese language and named ‘Suryamukhi Phool’. Main reason of making this film and translating in both languages is to abolish cultural misunderstanding between two countries. ‘Suryamukhi Phool’ revolves around the story after the world war between America and Japan. Yoshihiro Oikawa directed cinema has been written by Sadatoshi Ohshiro, Kota Yamada and Yoshiko Ginoza. Kyozo Nagatsuka, Kenta Suga, Rena Nounen and Saki Fukuda featured cinema will be released from 26th January. 110 minute long film has been produced by Hatsue Motomura, Katsumasa Morita, and Sozaburo Katsura. The movie will first be released in Japan and the other countries where Nepalese reside.
'Himawari 'Himawari1 'Himawari2 'Himawari3 'Himawari4 'Himawari5 'Himawari6 'Himawari7