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Bharatnatyam dancer – Matina Manandhar


Matina manandhar1Matina Manandhar, who is famous for her dancing skills is a known face in Nepali entertainment industry. Manandhar was very much passionate about dancing since her childhood and used to participate in dancing competitions in her school days. After completing her S.L.C., she passed her high school in Management faculty. And after the completion of high school she then chose Humanities in dance in Padma Kanya Campus Bagbazar, Kathmandu. As her interest was towards dancing and not towards Management/Business sector she chose her interest of field (Humanities in dance) after her high school. After finishing her three years course in Humanities, Manandhar got the opportunity to further her studies (Bharatnatyam) in Madras University, India. Even after joining the Madras University, she again thought of learning more about Bharatnatyam with an experienced Sreelatha Vinod Ashwina Madhu and then joined her institute “Anthara Center for performing art”. In Nepal, we rarely get to meet a Bharatnatyam dancer and Matina is one of the Bharatnatyam dancers we have. Matina’s wish is to establish a dancing school in future and she is also a lecturer in “Shrijana College of Art”. We will get to see her solo performance at Sarbanam Natakghar Kalikasthan, Kathmandu in 3rd of Magh.Matina manandhar6

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