Singer Navraj Shrestha has published his recent thriller love story music video “Daiba”. Daiba song is taken from his second music album Prayas. K Artha was the song which helped Navraj to become famous. Singer has composed music, lyrics of the song himself and music is arranged by Firoj Bajracharya. Famous video editor and director Prabin Shrestha has directed the music video, where we could see acting of director/program host Bishal Bhandari’s with model Rachana Lama and Binod Poudel. This video is created by Moksh Prodction and captured by Gyanendra Sharma Humagai and Babin Tamang. Singer and his band are living in Qatar for employment so singers band part is captured in Qatar by Babin Tamang. Kasam and Manjil are co director of this video.