Desolate women ( Yarma)


One world theater presents a desolate woman ‘Yarma. This story is about a woman who is unable to become mother. Her husband provides everything that she wishes to have but still she is feeling lonely, desperate and empty. On Bimal Subedi’s direction actress Namrata Shrestha is acting on lead role as Yarma. Other artists Sumnima Sampang, Rajkuram Pdasaini, Kamal Mani Nepal, Srijana Adhikari, Binu Lama, Sharmila Shah, Sarada Adhikari, Manisha Thapa, Anita Thapa, Shravan Rana, Alok Thami and Ismarika Baral are also on stage at different role. Though Yarma is a ‘Trazic poem’ written 80 years ago in Spain by Federico Garcia Lorca but still fits the Nepali context. This Spanish play ‘Yarma’ is translated by Shristi Bhattarai. Yarma is on stage from 29th Nov and will remain till 21st Dec.

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