KHOLA: A CYCLE OF LIFE series of an art exhibition happening at Patandhoka’s Dhokaima Cafe. Artist Kailash Shrestha’s arts under ISOLATION title were on exhibition when streetnepal’s representative reached the venue. When CORONA pandemic hit Nepal and all around the globe, people were forced to stay inside their homes. Shrestha’s arts of people wearing mask, health care worker in PPE, empty roads, leaders on table talk in an empty road/background, public carrying stuff and headed to somewhere force viewers to go back to flashback. Though people don’t care about social/physical distancing these days but isolation time were really like in Shrestha’s arts. According to artist Shrestha those paintings were done during Isolation time. He believes that each and every art carries a meaning and each of his paintings has its own meaning too. These arts of Shrestha were already exhibited virtually through his own Instagram page.

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