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A drama JAMUNKO RUKH-SHAMELESS VULGARITY is currently playing at Theater Mall’s Kirtipur Rangamanch. Artist Kedar Shrestha have transformed and directed Krishna Chand’s story JAMUNKO RUKH into drama.

JAMUNKO RUKH creator have tried to portray todays reality of Nepali government office, staff, their way of working and how commoners are forced to tolerate their missbehaviour. This drama will staging at Kirtipur Rangamanch everyday at 4:30 pm and there will be extra shows at 2 pm on Saturdays.

Artist Shankar Bhandari, Kanchan Sangraula, MAnish Byanju, Shakti Pakhrin, Hira Maharjan, Sneha Rasaili, Roshan KC, Saroj Rai have worked on the drama.


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