Kathadesh 2No matter how much grudge they may hold at the end neighbors will come to help for each other. Guru Prasad Mainali’s drama ‘chhineki’ is also based on such periphery. In other times they may hold grudge and pride on each other but when there is trouble coming to them the neighbors will be united. These days there is a drama show happening at Shilpi Theater ‘kathadesh-3’. We can watch ‘chhimeki’s story as main part of drama. 18th batch student of Actors Studio has presented story writer Guru Prasad Mainali’s drama ‘chhimeki’. This drama is directed by Ashanta Sharma where almost 18 actors have acted. Drama looks quite entertaining at the beginning but when it turned to story ‘chhimeki’ there is kind of sentiment. ‘Kathadesh-3’ is on stage of Shilpi Theater from 12th of Jeth and it will remain till 29th of Jeth except on Tuesdays.'KATHADESH-3' AT SHILPI THEATER


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