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Luxury Darshan
Luxury Darshan is a drama playing at Sarwanaam Theater everyday at 5 pm except on Thursdays. This drama is written by Dipesh Thapa and directed by Milan. This drama successfully created in contribution of Dipesh Paudel and Arnun Neupane for light design, Sadhana Bhandari for set design, Emerald Bishwodip and Subash Paudel for Back ground music, Shyam Khadka for Light management, Abhay Pande and Milan for 3d animation, Sabina Gopali for poem, Shyam Khadka and Sadhana Bhandari for background voice. Kaushal Pandit, Dipesh Paudel, Arjun Neupane, Shishir Shibakoti, Bimba Adhikari, Rigbed Sharma and Milan are on the stage of Luxury Darshan.
Luxury Darshan1

Luxury Darshan2

Luxury Darshan3

Luxury Darshan4

Luxury Darshan5

Luxury Darshan6

Luxury Darshan7

Luxury Darshan8

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