Multi skilled Sanjeev Pudasaini


Sanjeev Pudasaini is not a new name in Nepalese music industry. He involving in music field from 13 years continuously. Mr. Pudasaini is also a excellent dance teacher, musician, lyricist and a singer ‘Birsana maile sakina’ song was much hit song from his 1st album. His first album ‘Sangraha’ was launched in 2061 B.S. Then he brought his second album in   2065 B.S. which was named ‘Kadam’. Song ‘malai bhulyou’ was most of the hit number among other song from his album. .
sanjeeb pudasaini
His third music album is ‘Music café’ which was launched in 2070 B.S. Sanjeev has recently released a music video from his latest album. His music video ‘pahilo pahilo’ has collected a huge positive response from audience in short period of time. ‘Raghupati radharam’ song from his album Music café is also gathering lots of audiences. Overall Sanjeev is a multi skilled very important personality of Nepalese entertainment field.

sanjeeb pudasaini2