A grand concert by Fem Nepal


Kamal khatri & Aastha B
Grand concert happened at Hetauda by Fem Nepal on Saturday. Famous singers of Nepal entertained audiences of Hetauda on concert. Aastha B, Nabin K Bhattarai, Sugam Pokhrel, Girish Khatiwoda, Indira Joshi, Kamal Khatri, B 8 and other artists have performed on stage. All artists made audiences dance with their hit numbers. Program was hosted by the famous Subekchha Khadka and Vivek Khatiwada. Concert was organized to raise fund for a sick man Raju Sapkota whose kidney has stopped working and need to transplant.
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Kama& Aastha
concert nepal
Aastha B
Bibek khatiwada & subekchaya
Subekchya khadaka
Giris khatiwada nepal

Girish khatiwada1

girish khatiwada

Fem nepal concert
Nabin K vattarai54

Nabin K vattarai1

Nabin K bhattarai32

Nabin K bhattaraiSugam pokhrel

Sugam pokhrel11

Sugam pokhrel21