Life in Nepal . Trip to Palpa


It’s a diverse world we live in. Some people “live in Nepal” specially in capital city ‘Kathmandu’ as diplomats or Aid workers and others work in regular jobs.  It’s really not possible to relate all my experiences into one all-knowing article but during the short period of time I realized that even in the sadness and poor living, Nepal holds the beauty and happiness. This was my first trip with my friends and colleagues (Artudio) to Palpa and Butwal for photography workshop. I got a chance to interact with people, communicate and experience the true joy of “happiness”. Life is not just about living in the busy life, earning for lifetime and complaining on what you don’t have, there’s more to it! My experience is something I can’t explain; you can just imagine and feel it. Nepalese people – they greet you, welcome you and make your trip worth it. If you’re interested in knowing the experience what it’s like in Nepal? Here’s my take …


Pictures say it all! Doesn’t it? They value our culture and tradition whether you are a foreigner or citizen of same country, they’ll greet you- make you smile. These people give the true definition of friendship and happiness, look at their torn pants and happy faces, they don’t live a luxurious life, they are not rich but they smile, stay together and live their life to the fullest. They thought we were foreigners at first and when I interacted with them in Nepali they were shocked and laughing away hilariously…priceless moment must say!


And then I met some girls-People say beauty is in the eyes of beholder, and I say the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you are the beholder. It’s about how you feel about yourself which reflects in your eyes, these girls made me realize that there is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.


Besides, all these happiness how can we not include the sorrow? Since, everything has its two sides. We were heading towards a tea shop and met these kids; they carry water from miles away everyday to their home. These poor little ones don’t know how it feels to be free and living their life with less burden. Kailash Dai and I decided to help them carry their load for them. I carried it to their house, and then I saw the condition of their family was really sad indeed. And, that moment I had nothing to offer except for the flowers I collected, gave it to the kid – and how can we miss the ‘family portrait’ right?


And yes of course, the senior citizens of that place, who inspire you to work hard and chill at the same time. Everyone has their own problems in life; but sometimes we need to escape from that open our mind, and see the beauty, happiness, joy, and sorrow around us and be grateful for what we are blessed with because many people are out there working hard, trying to get what you take for granted!


Thus, the experience of travelling to Palpa was quite adventurous and it really surprises me at the end of the day to get the feeling that I take more than I contribute and leaves me as a better person. These people I met provided me with a sense of belongingness and self-worth each and every day.

copyright@manisha’s photography

Manisha Shrestha (Artudio)