Yes Baje!!! by Takme Buda ft. Wilson Bikram Rai


Bikram Wilson Rai (January 29, 1987) is a Nepali comedian, singer, dancer and Kollywood actor. He is mainly known for his role as “Takme Buda” from “Meri Bassai”, a comedy based family late night show that airs on Nepali Siticom Television. Rai is known for the quick wit he brings to the performance. Ever since he made his debut in Nepali Entertainment Industry, he has been able to connect with the crowd with his jokes off the top of his head. His short Nepali comedy film “Yes Baje Part 2” was published on social site you tube on December 13, 2014. Whether it be from Television series or short movies, WBR knows well how to keep the merriment alive among the audiences thus being one of the most popular and influential comedy icon.