There held a dance show on May 8, at the Victory Theatre (Burbank,los angeles) in NewYork  Film Academy (NYFA), Los Angeles which is one of the Best Film School in the World. The dance was performed by Dance Troupe of NYFA. Dance Troupe is  one of the most prestigious group in NYFA. Dancers and Choreographers had worked really hard for their acts. There were total 12 performances by different groups in the show. One of the best performance was by group “Poping Igniters” choreographed by Suraj Shrestha from Nepal. He had mixed 3 different music tracks : ‘Popping Beats’, ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran and a Nepali Song ‘Funtastic Wonderful’ by Almoda Rana. Public loved the dance, even the faculty of NYFA were very happy and congratulate Suraj Shrestha  for dance performances and his choreography. Apart from Suraj, other choreographers were Andre Forrest, Ronnie Kandinov, Lotta Lemetti, Ria Patel, Da’Von Solomon and Priyank Thakar.

Here’s what choreographer, Suraj Shrestha from Nepal has to say about choreographing in abroad: 

I feel really proud that for the first time there was a dance performance in Nepali Song in NYFA and I was able to include some Nepali Dance Steps in my Choreography. Everyone loved my choreography and were very happy at the same time with the performance. I feel very grateful to my group members from different country : Da’Van Solomon (USA), Lorena(Colombia), Lindi Cecile, Ria Patel (India),Justin Olivera (USA) and Suraj Shrestha (Nepal).

About Suraj Shrestha

  • perhaps first person from Nepal who is doing Masters in Fine Arts,Acting.
  • was Theatre Actor in Nepal before going to Los Angeles. Had appeared in theatre acts like Jyan Maya, Aarop, Jiwan Chalirahancha, Sirumarani etc.
  • did choreography in some music videos including Rupa Ki Raani, Kaan Ma Aai etc in Nepal.
  • Also one of the finalists of Mr. Nepal 2016.