sita serchan2Sita Sherchan is a Nepalese lyricist who was born in Parbat. She is married to Yam Sherchan, who is a retired British Army and is a mother of two (a son and a daughter). Sita always desired literature and music since childhood. She used to write poems when she was in class five. When in class eight, she got married to Yam. And after her marriage, she could not fulfill her dream of continuing in the music industry. Like any other married woman, she lived a housewife life who had to look after her family. Sherchan who lives with her family in Aldershot, London has now started writing literature after almost like two decades with support and encouragement from her family. She has already done dozens of songs and poems in total and now is back with her first solo album named “Pradeshi Mann”. Popular nepali artists has provided their voice in Sita’s solo album “Pradeshi Mann”. “BFBS Gurkha Radio” is going to launch her “Pradeshi Mann” through a special programme. Beside literature, Sherchan is also involved in social works and is an executive member of Thakali Samaj UK. All the way from UK, she has also helped the poor and needy people like those who lost their homes in landslide and flood, disabled children and much more. We wish her the best in her coming days. sita serchan

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