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Anand Gurung is not a new name in Nepali music videos and Gurung movie sector. He is struggling to mark his presence in Nepali glamour sector from almost 6 years. His perfection in acting and dancing is providing him many chances to be featured in Nepali music videos and Gurung language films. Anand is already featured in more than dozens of music videos. He have worked in many Tamu (Gurung) films as a lead actor and is planning to join Nepali feature film soon. Anand entered to Nepali entertainment sector through a Salaijo folk music video named DEURALI-BHANJYANG 6 year back. His latest work was SOLMARI by singer Shekhar Lama. Soon after working in SALAIJO MUSIC video Anand got into GURUNG language film YUMPO DEURALI. After his debut into GURUNG film Anand is currently working to flourish his acting skill. Anand starrer GURUNG film KHAI O MHITHEBA have been selected on many international film festivals which made him more exciting to be into this field. Anand is preparing to enter into Nepali feature film if he got an opportunity. There are many films and music video where Anand have showed his skill. Anand have taken acting training from Actors Studio.

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