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तमु ल्होसारालै आशिंमला


Tamu Lhosar has already arrived in our doorsteps. 15th Poush (Dec-30) is New Year for Gurungs. This year they are fare welling Chyu Lho (year of the mouse) and welcoming Lon Lho (year of the cow). Unlike previous years this year Tamu’s around the globes are celebrating Lhosar differently. Since the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet gathering in large number is risky for all of us. So Gurung community has decided to celebrate Lhosar among their own family. In previous years Gurung’s used to celebrate Lhosar by gathering in large number at public places. Here we have very beautiful pictures of model Sabu Gurung and Suraj Tamu adorning Gurung attire for only our precious viewers.














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