Man with Guinness World Record on most Piercing


rolf buchholz5Rolf Buchholz is the man with Guinness World Record on piercing. German man Rolf has 453 piercing overall his body. 278 are around his genital area, 94 in and around his lips,16 in his right ear,15 in his left ear, 25 in his eyebrow, 4 in his navel, 3 in his nipple, 2 in his tongue,8 in his nose,and 8 in rest of his body as of 5 august 2010.

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He is IT technician and love metal. Rolf has covered almost all of his body part with tattoo and has implanted 2 horns in his forehead. He has suspended himself with 100 suspender for 100 minute on 10 annual of Oslo Suscon. Then he was awarded by a golden hook.

rolf buchholz2

A few day ago this Guinness world record holder Rolf was stopped at Dubai airport by officers. Though he was permitted by the immigration . Officers fear that Rolf might be black magic practitioner.  Rolf was trying to visit the emirate to appear at a circus theme night club.

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