Hit cover singer Vijay and Priti


Vijay an PritiVijay and Pirit is very famous cover song artist. They both are a couple living in London from 5 years. They both are not formally trained singers but they have god gifted voice which is helping them to step higher day by day on their musical journey.  They choose to cover a song which touches their heart. Their first cover song was a ‘kusume rumal’ Vijay arrange music for it. Vijay arranges music for all of their cover songs and also does the videos himself.vj1Among other cover songs ‘eutai sahara‘ and ‘eh kanchha’ is very close to them. This couple has already share the stage with Nepali Legendary Band ‘kutumba’. They have mostly covered songs from old movies because the melodies of those songs are really nice and they were able to touch almost all of our hearts. Vijay thin that sound created by our own traditional musical instrument like damfu, madal,sarangies are very unique we should use them often to same and promote them. Vijay and Priti are also planning to release their first music album. vj


Which are already recorded and on the stage of editing and shooting some music videos. Vijay loves to hear AR Rehman, John Mayer,Ranjit Gazmer, JAck Jonson and many more. They are planning to cover Chhitko gunyu, Pirati aafai hudo raichha, Isharale bolaunu pardaina…on their next project. According to them they are planning to surprise their fans with a lot of nice cover songs and their own original songs in upcoming days. For that they only need a time and their incredible fans patience. Here we wish Vijay and Priti all the very best for their upcoming days.