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Stylish performer Bharat Sitaula


In music field Bharat Sitaula is well recognized name. He started his musical career in 2060 B.S. with album ‘Mod’. After getting huge success in his first album he is continuously involving in music. Bharat is very fine media person too. He runs a program related to music in Himalayan Television. His Achanak maya launa ta, Kaile aago kaile pani, Hare ram are hit numbers among others. He has already brought albums like ‘Ma ani timi’, ‘Mahima’, album ‘Feri bhetaula’ is on the pipe line. According Bharat he is working on ‘Feri bhetaula’ to release as soon as possible. His new music video ‘Kun phool hola’ is launched few days back.Bharat sitaula

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