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Delayed 32nd series of summer Olympic 2020 started today at national stadium of Tokyo Japan.  Olympic was supposed to be held in 2020, because of Covid-19 pandemic it was postponed for 1 year later. Though it is happening in 2021 but it’s called Olympic 2020.  Inauguration ceremony was scheduled for 01:45 pm where 15 nation and organization head were present.  In an Olympic village everyone must wear mask and everyone must do Corona test daily. There will be 339 matches for 33 games.   This year North Korea and New Guinea are not take part in Olympic. Only five players are participating in Olympic from Nepal. Five player who are taking part from Nepal are Gaurika Singh and Elex Shah in swimming, Athletics’ Saraswati Chaudhari, Shooting’s Kalpana Pariyar and Judo’s Soniya Bhatta.


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