The first hanging man of Nepal



Beautiful valley Pokhara based Bhuwan Thapa is first Nepali on body suspending. He has already suspended his body for five times. Bhuwan is obsessed on piercing, tattooing and rock metal music. He had almost covered his body with colorful tattoos by professional tattoo artist of Nepal. He was in trouble many times because of his looks. When Police called him drug abuser and gangster it makes him really upset. But now a days police also started to understand them they don’t target them as much as they used to before. Bhuwan believes that tattooing is not a new thing our ancestor already started a trend and they only expand it in vast. These days most of young generation has accepted tattooing and piercing as their profession it makes him happy. Bhuwan who is always seen on black attire accepts that piercing and tattooing is not only a passion but it’s also a culture.

Bhuwan thapa6 Bhuwan thapa5 Bhuwan thapa4Bhuwan thapa2 Bhuwan thapa1 Bhuwan thapa



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