Sunil Giri

Sunil Giri is famous name of Nepalese music industry. “Ko Hola Tyo Ma Sanga Aankha Judhaune” is the song which helped Sunil to establish. “Ko Hola Tyo” was the super hit song for almost whole year 2070. This song made him busy on musical programs. Born and brought up at Tanahu Sheshtar Sunil rise up in the music field after six year long practice.

He has launched his first music album “Ko Hola Tyo” from Asian Music. One song “Ko Hola Tyo” which was included in his first album helped to introduce him as singer. Sunil has brought “Deurali Bhanjyang”, “Jhari Parechha” albums for his fans already.
Sunil Giri2
Sunil sing songs on his own lyrics and music. He brought another music album “Ko Hola Tyo-2” on his own lyrics and music.

He even made music video for the song “Timi Aauchhau Ki Bhani” from “Ko Hola Tyo-2″. This music video helps him to become more famous. His first song”Ko Hola Tyo” and another song “Timi Aauchhau Ki” are equally hit in the music world. Very famous singer Sunil who is busy on stage performances is also looking forward to do his master degree soon.

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