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#1 TRENDING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE-AYANKA'S "ARKO JUNI"You must have watched Priyanka Karki and her fiance Ayushman Deshraj Joshi‘s “Arko Juni” song by now. The video was made available on YouTube on March 28, 2019, and is still trending on YouTube at 1.

#1 TRENDING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE-AYANKA'S "ARKO JUNI"In the video, Priyanka and Ayushman’s chemistry is a delight to watch. Their playful, mischevious and loving chemistry is unbeatable. The actress posted a still from the video on facebook captioning it,”I was so tired of doing beautifully composed typical Nepali songs with almost the same choreography, costumes and the same concept everywhere. You guys know what I mean right? Change is necessary. And we really wanted all of you guys to enjoy the video as well while you listen to this beautiful song. So, I prepared this concept for this video. Shared it with my team members, and they loved it. And then we made the video with love, and only love. 🙏#1 TRENDING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE-AYANKA'S "ARKO JUNI"

“Arko Juni” has been crooned by Melina Rai and Saroj Oli. Composed Dipak Sharma and penned by Dinesh Thapaliya “Arko Juni” has lived upto the hype and garnered over 1.1M views (and counting). Since the time it came out on YouTube, the internet is talking all about it and is still a rage.

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