Bachelor Rajesh is waiting for a lady to answer his miss call


Born and raised in a British soldier family Rajesh Payal Rai is one of the top celebrity singer of Nepal. Rajesh passed voice test by RADIO NEPAL as singer at the age of 13 in 1992. Bachelor Rajesh is actively into music from the year 1992. “Failiyo maya dubo sari” is the song that helps Rajesh to establish in musical industry. Rajesh is honored and awarded by many more awards. He has lent his voice in lots of modern songs, movie song, TV commercials etc. “When will you get married?” is the question mostly asked to Rajesh on social gathering or events. Rajesh said that to fall in love and getting married is not in our control it will happen when right comes and is waiting for that day. Rajesh jokingly said that he hasn’t got an opportunity to give miss call to anyone’s phone yet. “I hope to meet a lady who will answer my miss call very soon” said Rajesh with smile on his face.Rajesh Payal rai 1 Rajesh Payal rai 2 Rajesh Payal rai 3 Rajesh Payal rai 5 Rajesh Payal rai 6
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Rajesh Payal rai